The Empowered Woman Workshop



We totally get it.

Do you want to experience freedom from debt, poor relationships with yourself and others, suffering, grief, stress, overwhelm and anxiety?

Are you ready to call in your dream career and/or relationship, and experience financial freedom and true abundance?

Now is your time.

With more than a decade of combined leadership and life coaching experience, my dear friend, Dana Gatziolis, and I will help you achieve your goals, release fear, and gain the confidence to step into your power so you can create contagious joy and a deeper sense of peace for yourself and others.

We’ve created The Empowered Woman Workshop to give you the guidance, inspiration and motivation to help you improve the quality of your life and relationships while connecting you to your spiritual side.

You will learn vital tools and tips, and tried-and-true methods that produce measurable results. We know–we’ve been using them on ourselves every day!

At this exciting, weekend-long workshop, we will create the space for you to have fun and open up in a completely non-judgmental, safe environment.

All you have to do is sign up, trust and expect miracles!

Life is meant to be spectacular. Let’s do this!


May 14-15, 2016. Nashville, Tennessee. We will begin promptly at 9 am on Saturday and go until around 2 pm on Sunday.


We know you, babe. You’ve been thinking about, talking about and praying about your big vision and dream life for longer than you’d like to admit, but you’ve been playing small. Not sure how to move forward. Feeling stuck.

In this transformational event, Kate and Dana will help you to step into your power, own your purpose and start doing what it is that you’ve been dreaming of.

Dana and I will show you how to…

+ Step into your purpose, passion + power
+ Release self-limiting beliefs and the old story that is holding you back from stepping into your greatness
+ Get paid to do what you love by following our results-driven, practical + spiritually aligned system for sharing your message and work with the people who want and need it most
+ Use your gifts and your “mess” as your message – how to use what you’ve been given to serve in big and purpose-filled ways
+ Become unapologetic about the great work that you are here to do – and be compensated for it!
+ Experience quantum shifts: raise your self-worth in order to raise your net-worth
+ Become a confident and heart centered leader, whether you’re doing it as a coach, business owner, hair dresser, teacher, mother…whatever!

During the workshop, we will be sharing the practices, methods, meditations, and techniques that we’ve been using for years in order to create the lives and careers that have served us beyond our wildest dreams.

We will help you connect with the deepest part of yourself – the part that you’ve probably been hiding from for a while. You will find that your strength resides within that powerful side of yourself and will leave the workshop confidently able to move past fear and lean on love no matter what challenges or opportunities you’re presented with in the future…

No matter how many times you fall.
No matter how many doubts creep up – because they always do.
No matter what.

Because when you are equipped with a spiritual tool box that we are going to give to you, you’ll be able to manifest a life / business / career / relationship that you are wildly in love with.

This isn’t just a workshop, it’s an experience of connecting to yourself in a way that you’ve been longing for. You’ll learn to tap into the wisdom of your inner guide over the noise of the world around you and your own limiting beliefs and doubts. By learning to use this miracle mindset, you’ll go forth with confidence, no longer a victim to the fear that holds so many of us back from living out our dreams and purpose!

While this is a deep training, it’s also a LOT of fun! Get ready for the time of your life!


The workshop will be held at Atmalogy – a beautiful cafe and event space in the heart of Music City (Nashville, TN).


The Empowered Woman Workshop is for women of all ages. We welcome teens, college students, young professionals, and women of all ages who are ready to step fully into their greatness. If you crave more purpose, passion, and meaning in your life, but you lack the confidence and direction to get there – then THIS is the workshop for you.


We are so excited to offer this value-packed event for a (one-time only) low investment of $150. The workshop is valued at over $1999, so this is a complete steal. Don’t miss out!


Is travel / meals / lodging included in the price of the workshop?
No. Travel plans, dining and lodging is all up to you. We know that everyone has different preferences on where to stay, what to eat, and how to get here. Upon signing up, you will receive a guide with multiple suggestions on where to stay, where to eat and parking information (if you’ll be driving).

Is this workshop going to be held again at this price?
There are plans to have more Empowered Woman Workshops in the future, however, this is the ONLY time that it will be offered at such a low investment price. Jump now so you can take advantage of this one-time opportunity.

Is it ok to come alone?
Yes! Both Kate and Dana have attended many workshops / retreats / events without knowing anyone. They’ve found that the experience is almost better that way. You’re much more open to meeting people who you may not have met if you had a friend with you. Be prepared to meet lots of like-minded soul sisters. This is exactly how Kate and Dana met – at a very similar weekend workshop!

I have another question that is not listed here…
No problem! Email dana.gatziolis@gmail.com or kate_eckman@yahoo.com with any questions.

Hope to see you there!



Pennies From Heaven


I’m a great believer in signs. I think they are always all around us, guiding us, and giving us the insight and inspiration we need in the moment.

A significant sign, to me, is noticing an increase of pennies, nickels and small coins in my path. I’ve learned that one of the most common signs that our deceased loved ones are visiting us is the use of small signs and symbols.

About a month after my dear friend Sam passed away, I started seeing coins in my path quite frequently. I would find pennies randomly and seemingly out of place. At first, I didn’t think much of it, but when I started finding coins staring straight back at me on a regular basis as I went about my day, I started paying more attention.

Like the day I was leaving a photo shoot at a pristine Wall Street building. I was feeling stressed and anxious about a work situation, and was rushing to another appointment. As I was speed walking and working up a sweat in my scarf and heavy winter coat, the shiniest penny I have ever seen was right in front of me on the immaculately kept marble floor. There literally wasn’t even a speck of dirt on the floor, but there in front of me, a penny.

After weeks of seeing coins in my path, I slowed down, smiled, looked right at the penny, and said, “Hi baby, I love you.”

I knew it was Sam. I knew he was telling me, “It’s ok. I’ve got you. Everything is going to be ok. Everything is going to work out. I am with you. You are supported. You are valuable. You are loved.”

Whatever tension I was holding onto was immediately let go. I relaxed. I knew it was all going to be ok.

I had gotten used to seeing pennies, sometimes nickels and dimes on my path, but it had been about a week, and I found nothing. I remember saying to Sam, “What’s up? Where have you been? I miss you.”

That same day, on the subway, I looked down, thinking I saw a penny, and it was just old gum stuck to the ground in a circular shape.

Now I was joking with Sam like we always did in person, asking him again, “What’s up? Oh, you think you’re funny. Ok.”

The very next day, I met my friend Melissa at a Thai restaurant in Jersey City. She was already seated, and waiting for me at the table. I sat down, ordered some food, started talking, and telling her about Sam and all the coins, and how I hadn’t seen any in a while.

About a minute later, I looked over to my left, and I was literally sitting next to about 200 coins spread out all over these Buddha statues. I literally laughed out loud and got the chills from head to toe.

Sam and his hilarious, very dramatic sense of humor! I could hear him laughing hysterically and saying, “I’ll show you, Kate, I’ll get your attention in a big way!” It was such a beautiful moment with my recently deceased friend. I felt so connected to him, and so silly for ever doubting he is always with me and loves and values me so very much.

Whether you have recently lost a loved one or not, finding coins is a major sign that we are highly valued. Please take this to heart, and when you notice a coin that seems out of place, take a moment to take in this important message.

I believe when our loved ones cross over, they want to let us know they are doing well, watching over us and sending their love. I also believe they send small signs and symbols by placing something like a penny in our path to point us in the right direction.

I continue to find comfort in these “pennies from heaven.” I see the significance of the number 1 as unity and a oneness. To me, it’s a sign that there is unity and Oneness in the afterlife, and also a unity and Oneness between my loved one and me. I feel his spirit move with and through me.

I know it also means my deceased loved ones are always visiting, guiding, protecting and loving me while showing me I am valued and never alone. The coins are a gentle reminder to slow down, enjoy the present moment and be thankful.

The next time you see a coin cross your path, allow yourself to pause and remember:

You are valued.

You are loved.


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