Attracting Abundance Into Your Life: Simple Steps To Feel More Successful


When most of us think of abundance, we think of money. But I think abundance can mean different things to different people. For some, abundance means time, connection, support, creativity, confidence.

Whatever abundance means to you, I’ve learned that abundance is always coming to us, it is always present like the sun, it’s just that sometimes we don’t see it because it is blocked by clouds. We create clouds/blocks to abundance with our fear, insecurities and guilt.

Maybe we think we aren’t worthy of financial freedom, or having enough time to care for ourselves. Maybe we feel guilty for having “too much.”

For me, the key to attracting abundance is to recognize all the ways in which we block it from flowing freely into our lives. It is our choice whether we accept or deny the gifts that are continuously coming to us.

I’ve found that when my work and desires are in the service of others, (to share my own unique gifts and talents in the form of creativity, time, money, resources, ideas, love with the world), I am given everything I need—money, time, creativity, confidence.

Abundance is simply stepping out of our own way, releasing resistance, being grateful for what we already have and open to receiving more.

It’s not about receiving more money so I can have more material “stuff”, it’s about being given plenty of resources so I don’t have to stress about having enough time and money, for example, while I’m busy trying to help others through my work.

I’ll give you an example. I was stuck in some fearful thinking when I recently lost several modeling clients. I was in a constant state of frustration, sometimes even anger, because I was losing clients for such ridiculous reasons: One client turned me into a computer-generated image of myself, and never hired me again as a way to cut costs. Yes, a computer mannequin version of myself took my job.

Another client decided they didn’t want to work with my agency anymore. One client decided to start shooting on much smaller models. I was dropped. All in all, I lost nearly all of my main clients and the majority of my income for reasons that had nothing to do with me or my performance. Initially, I dealt with it by panicking. I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me, and I wondered how I was going to pay my bills some months. I didn’t realize my fear and insecurities were blocking me from receiving abundance.

So how did I get out of my own way?

I surrendered. I asked my Higher Self/God/Spirit/Universe for help. I prayed and then sat in meditation daily (which I still do), asking for divine guidance, asking how I could serve my life purpose.

The answer I received was that I have a much bigger purpose than modeling. That career has taught me what I needed to learn, and now it is time to move on. The lessons I have learned through my triumphs, traumas and tragedies have given me the gifts I need to help others heal through writing, speaking and sharing my truth.

I have been guided to read certain books, take courses, go back to school and connect with other like-minded individuals, many of whom have asked me to collaborate on work projects with them. When I finally let go of modeling being my main source of income, and became open to other opportunities, which serve the highest good for all, I received phone calls, emails and met CEOs who offered me exciting, new employment opportunities that not surprisingly help others.

Even a woman who worked for the client who turned me into a computer-generated image of myself contacted me, asking to feature my work for the new wellness magazine she works for.

Now, instead of freaking out, asking why all my clients and money were disappearing, I say, “Thank you.” I know something bigger and better is taking its place.

I ask the Universe to use me as a role model for peace, love and compassion. Instead of feeling guilty or selfish for receiving, I reframe abundance as the more we allow ourselves to receive, the more we can share with others as we are all connected.

Here are some simple steps you can take to call more abundance into your life:


My mantra is, “I trust that the Universe is supporting me abundantly.”

Be in the feeling of abundance.

Allow yourself to sit quietly, and feel the feelings of being financially free and secure. What does that feel like?

How does it feel to have plenty of time for you to get your needs met?

How does it feel to have an abundance of love and relationships that light you and make you feel honored, respected and supported?

Give yourself the time and space to take in all of that abundance. It may be helpful to write about it in your journal to refer back to.

Be grateful for what you already have.

I’ve found that when I am thankful for all the ways in which I am already abundant, I easily attract more of it into my life. A simple prayer is, “Thank you.”

Change your story.

Instead of, “I am not enough and don’t have enough,” lead with, “I am already abundant.”

Strengthen your faith.

Recognize that you can’t create the life of your dreams all on your own. Ask for guidance and support from a higher power or whatever you believe in. Be open, and unattached from how you will get what you desire.

Release fear and resistance.

Engage with the world from a loving, rather than fearful place. Ask your higher power to remove all obstacles to abundance.

Say a prayer.

Dear God/Spirit/Universe,

Please help me to receive everything I need for my divine life purpose. Show me the way one step at a time how I can make the world a better place, and how I can be more at peace.

Mediate and ask for Divine guidance.

Envision what you desire in the here and now, not down the road, otherwise it will always allude you. Create the space for receiving abundance in all ways. You can say it out loud or write in your journal the following:

I deserve to receive good as much as anyone.

It is safe for me to receive abundance now.

I open my arms to receive it.

I will be guided and given enough energy to follow through on that guidance.

I accept the support that is offered to me.

Wishing you an abundance of abundance in all areas of your life!








Angry, Stressed, Frustrated? Here’s A Simple Exercise To Quickly Return To Joy


Nicole LeBris Creative

I was recently disappointed by a work situation that left me feeling unappreciated, annoyed, frustrated, stressed about money and all around pissed off. I know I’m not alone in these feelings. Who hasn’t felt this way at one time or another?

It’s part of the human condition, but so is the choice to do something about our pain, work through it and come out of the situation wiser, stronger and happier.

I have learned the hard way (through traumas and tragedy) that life is extremely precious and too short to spend it suffering. That’s not why we are here on Earth. When I am feeling out of alignment now, (stuck in anger, frustration and feeling irritable), I allow myself to feel those feeling deeply (no self-medicating with food, alcohol or shopping, or numbing myself out with mindless reality television).

It is vital that we let ourselves feel our feelings first, otherwise the pain will just resurface at a later date with a vengeance, negatively affecting our careers, relationships and health. I know, I used to suppress my feelings in the name of “put on a happy face” and “suck it up.”

When I give myself sufficient time to work through whatever painful emotions come up for me, I then remind myself to return to gratitude as quickly as possible.

Even when we are in a really dark place, we can be grateful just to be alive, have a place to live, food on the table, clean clothes, friends and family who love us and fancy gadgets to read blogs like this on. We certainly have it pretty darn good!

But when we are deep in our sadness and anger, these luxuries we are afforded don’t seem to be enough at times.

That’s when we have to turn to a greater power, ask for help, physically stop and take a moment to come back home to ourselves. If you are saying to yourself, “I don’t have time for that,” then you are in desperate need of your own undivided attention, unconditional love and care. I recommend making your health and happiness a priority like you would a newborn baby. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for your children, significant other, best friend or all those less fortunate than us.

When we raise our vibration, we raise the vibration of the world, and the world could certainly use our radiance right now!

One of my favorite exercises to stop suffering in its tracks is from life coach extraordinaire and best-selling author Tony Robbins.

When you’re ready, find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. Breathe into your heart. Notice how powerful and beautiful it feels. Focus for a moment on that strength and beauty. Feel appreciation.

Now think of the situation that is causing you pain, suffering, frustration or grief. For example, “I’m frustrated these jobs keep getting cancelled, and I don’t have more money in the bank right now to grow my business and live the lifestyle I desire without getting into debt.” Be specific.

Keep feeling your heart and listen carefully to it. What is it trying to tell you in this moment?

With your eyes still closed and connecting to the power of your heart and mind, pay attention to what comes up for you. Then ask yourself:

In this situation, all I need to remember is: (I’m safe, for example)

All I need to do is: (Trust)

All I need to focus on is: (Doing my best.)

Take as long as you need. There are no right or wrong answers. The important thing is to simply let yourself feel and be open to the truth pouring from your heart/Higher Self. For me, the truth is that I am safe, and all I need to do is trust and focus on doing my best.

Many of us spend our lives overstimulated and exhausted just trying to keep up to survive. That could mean we forget to return to our breath, slow down and listen to our inner knowing. Our heart always knows the answer. We just have to give it the time and space to speak our truth to us.

I find this exercise to be a quick and powerful way to end our suffering around whatever situation is making us feel out of sorts. It is free, relaxing, takes just minutes and can be done again and again with any situation to help transform our lives.

When we are in gratitude, we cannot also be in fear or anger. Choose wisely!

I also love this exercise because it’s a great reminder that we are 100% responsible for our life experiences. What an empowered place to live from! Certainly setbacks and disappointments, trauma and tragedy can and will arise, but we don’t have to stay stuck in a low-vibe state of despair. Our hearts and minds want to work together to bring us a fulfilling, joyful life that lights us up.







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