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Are you ready to live a life that makes you say HELL YES?!


Private Coaching

Do you feel like you’re meant to be doing something much bigger, brighter, more joyful and fulfilling than you’re doing right now?

I know I’ve been there! From elite athlete to creating a full-time, six-figure modeling career at the ripe age of 33, to interviewing celebrities on the red carpet (with no journalism experience at the time) to selling millions of dollars worth of beauty products on QVC to becoming a leadership & confidence coach, I’m living proof that you can do anything you want. You can reinvent yourself at any time, make your own rules, set your own standards of beauty and redefine and discover true success.

Living and working all over the country, experiencing setbacks professionally and trauma personally while receiving my executive coaching certification from Columbia University, and studying with one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time (Marianne Williamson), has given me the education, skills and experience to compassionately help others excel in every area of their life.

My most important and fulfilling achievement has been learning and committing to love, honor and accept myself and others. That is my wish for everyone. I’ve discovered nothing else really matters if you don’t have a loving relationship with yourself and the people around you. When you begin to see yourself as a powerful force of love in the world,  you will naturally attract everything you desire into your life. Awesome, right?!

Do you want to experience freedom from debt, poor relationships with yourself and others, suffering, grief, stress, overwhelm and anxiety?

If you’re here, you must be ready to make waves and shift your life, and I would be honored to help you live a life that lights you up!

What to expect when we work together:

Clients tell me they feel more confident, clear and energized. They experience more freedom, joy and abundance in their daily lives. They don’t have to try as hard—they easily attract the people, careers and experiences they’ve always wanted.

Together, we will create simple mindset shifts and develop strategies to make you feel unstoppable. Each coaching session is designed to help you make deliberate, conscious progress toward your goals. You will learn vital tools and tried-and-true methods that produce measurable results—I know, I use them on myself every day.

As your coach, I create the space for you to open up and expand in a completely non-judgmental, safe environment. Everything we share is confidential. You just choose whether you would like to Skype or have a phone session.

All you have to do is trust, and expect miracles. Let’s go!

Work with Kate:

For pricing and packages, and to schedule a FREE consult call, please get in touch. 

"Kate is a bolt of lightening; striking and shocking in her generosity and thoughtfulness. She understands support and abundantly offers it as the original medicine that only she can provide in her exuberant, loving way."

Emily Nolan, Chief Empowerment Officer, My Kind of Life

Motivational Speaker

Kate has been speaking publicly for nearly two decades.

Through powerful personal stories and life lessons she’s gathered from her impressive 20-year TV and modeling career along with her signature frankness and humor, Kate passionately delivers instantly relatable presentations that leave her audiences deeply moved and wanting more.

Tales of the modeling and television business pique the interest of pop culture junkies, while her witty quips, heartfelt anecdotes and candid vulnerability drive every point home.

Kate helps to spark a renewed sense of purpose, confidence and empowerment over one’s own life. She shines a light on what it truly means and how to be a powerful force in the world, giving audiences perspective shifts, permission and guidance to transform their lives, and the simple tools to claim their deepest desires.

Kate is a speaker who shares a dialogue with her audience. Her presentations are often accompanied by longer Q&A’s with audiences put to ease, and eager to engage in a deeper conversation around the topic at hand.

Kate masterfully weaves the unique insight she’s gathered from working with celebrities and the downtrodden alike to deliver the workshops, motivational talks, and results-driven coaching sessions you’ve been longing for.

For a complete list of speaking topics and to view Kate’s speaking reel, please get in touch.

“Kate has taught me so much about confidence, not just in her spoken wisdom, but in the way she walks through the world. She has an amazing way of recognising the real and unique beauty in each of us, and teasing that out so we can lead with our own light. She is a true blessing.”

Beth Kempton, author of ‘Wabi Sabi: Japanese wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life’ 

Inspirational Writer

Kate is a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post, mindbodygreen, Refinery29, elephantjournal, EliteDaily, Thrive Global and Best Self Magazine among others. Want Kate to write a sponsored post for your product or service? Get in touch!

"Kate walks her walk and talks her talk. The first time we met, it was immediately apparent that her beauty shined just as brightly on the inside as it did the outside. There’s a depth to her and a thirst for knowledge that is so refreshing. Kate exudes love and authenticity through everything she does."

Shauna Haider, Graphic Designer, Blogger and Entrepreneur

QVC Beauty Host

Kate is an on-air beauty host on QVC, the global-leader in the television shopping industry. She is the national TV spokesperson for Illustra Beauty, celebrity colorist and product innovator Rita Hazan, and Kiss Professional, a global beauty brand. She is also the international TV presenter and Director of Global Artistry for Doll 10 Beauty. Do you have a great product you’d love to get on QVC? Get in touch!

"Though I've only known Kate for a little while, she has the innate ability to make me (and everyone she comes in contact with), feel like we've known each other for years. When you're with Kate, she makes you feel truly special, heard and understood. Even in her writing, it's clear that Kate has the ability to connect with anyone."

Allie White, Beauty + Style Editor,

Reiki Master

Quite simply put, Reiki helps reconnect us with our heart, realigning us with our Higher Self.

It is an energy healing technique that assists in relieving or reducing pain and discomfort by balancing the body’s energy centers, also known as chakras. Reiki supports deep relaxation and healing by removing blocks to the flow of energy in your body. This natural technique is so powerful and effective because it infuses your chakras and body with Universal light energy. I call it pure loving energy.

As a practitioner, my job is to simply act as a conduit for the Universal energy to flow and allow optimal healing to take place. Patients tell me they feel much more grounded, peaceful, calm, relaxed and clear after just one session.

Work with kate:

Pricing and packages available upon request.

“One of the key ingredients to being a great coach is the ability to listen deeply, as kpowerful questions, embrace curiosity and guide others in an empowering way to discover their own truth. Kate is one of the most authentic, understanding, curious, non-judgmental, and intelligent women I know. We met through her writing for MindBodyGreen. I was moved by Kate’s vulnerable article on her struggles with worthiness and body image and how she has recreated a life full of self-connection, meaning, worthiness and joy.”

Julie Reisler, author and host, The You-est YOU™ Podcast



Kate is represented by Wilhelmina Models, one of the most prominent talent management agencies in the world.