Discover the simple but powerful mindset shifts that will help you achieve your ultimate healthy body image and unstoppable self-confidence.

Learn to love, honor, and accept yourself and your body – so you can be the incomparable, unstoppable you.

I won’t pretend that it isn’t a challenge to love ourselves in a world that’s constantly telling us not to.

But I can attest that your time is better spent cultivating yourself from the inside out … rather than struggling to fix “problem areas” and conform to a super slim concept of beauty.

Physical workouts and beauty regimes don’t help us love ourselves more. That’s an inside job. When you put your attention where it belongs, you can start to change your mind about your body.

Only then will you shine with the full light of you. And that’s drop-dead gorgeous in my book!


What you get with the Spirit Has No Size course:

  • 3 videos
  • 3 downloadable audios
  • 1 video meditation, also available as a downloadable audio and PDF worksheet
  • 2 downloadable PDF worksheets with journal prompts
  • 1 downloadable pdf affirmation


Module 1: Moving From Victim To Victor

We’ve all done it … compared our bodies to other people’s, and let criticisms from others or our own negative thoughts get us down. But when we hanker after a “perfect” physique, we waste precious time and energy we could spend nurturing the body and soul we’ve been granted.

Learn to free yourself from self-judgment, so you can own who you are and let yourself shine – from the inside out.

Module 2: Redefining Beauty

It’s easy to get the message that our physical attractiveness determines our worth. But it couldn’t be more false, and concentrating all our energy on physical beauty sets us up for failure. What if we were to make beauty about who we are, instead – and begin to see it without a mirror or a compliment?

Discover how to shape a more complete concept of beauty, so you can look at yourself and others with compassion, grace, and acceptance.

Module 3: Choosing To See Yourself Through A Lens Of Love

When we appreciate and value our bodies for keeping us going every day … even if we’re tired or ill … we treat them much more kindly than when we see them as objects that fall short of some ideal. And the more we believe in ourselves regardless of how we look, the more we attract people into our lives who see us that way, too.

Learn to escape self-sabotage and grant yourself the gift of love. I’ll teach you how to stop being a slave to your thoughts about your body (or anything else), and start experiencing a new kind of freedom.



“Kate has taught me so much about confidence, not just in her spoken wisdom, but in the way she walks through the world. She has an amazing way of recognising the real and unique beauty in each of us, and teasing that out so we can lead with our own light. She is a true blessing.”


“One of the key ingredients to being a great coach is the ability to listen deeply, ask powerful questions, embrace curiosity and guide others in an empowering way to discover their own truth. Kate is one of the most authentic, understanding, curious, non-judgmental, and intelligent women I know. We met through her writing for MindBodyGreen. I was moved by Kate’s vulnerable article on her struggles with worthiness and body image and how she has recreated a life full of self-connection, meaning, worthiness and joy.”


“Kate is synonymous with empowerment, with helping others develop the skill set to fully embrace and own their own stories and discover their own superpowers.

Kate encourages you to find strategies and solutions that work for you. She doesn’t fix your problems instead she empowers you to fix your own problems. She facilitates a journey of self-discovery and helps you to discover your inner superhero.

My favorite thing about working with Kate is knowing you have someone on your side that believes in you and empowers you to own your worth. Kate never makes you feel like your emotions or challenges are insignificant. She helps you to develop the confidence to fully embrace your inner self and ultimately to better visualize and appreciate the worth of your individuality.”



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