The Full Spirit Workout: A 10-Step System to Shed Your Self-Doubt, Strengthen Your Spiritual Core, and Create a Fun & Fulfilling Life is a workout for the spirit that will help you get fit on the inside. It’s a series of daily practices that keep our spirits, minds, and selves, open and available to receive abundance, transformation and enlightenment.


We already know how to get rid of extra physical pounds, but we often feel lost when it comes to shedding excess emotional and spiritual pounds.

Yet, these extra “inner pounds” make us feel just as heavy and uncomfortable as too much physical weight. We feel exhausted, stressed, anxious, and depressed. But we don’t know how to make it better.

What my coaching clients have shared with me is that they feel stuck, stressed out, frustrated, and unworthy. They struggle to feel confident. They wish to own their limitless potential and lead truly kick-ass lives, but they aren’t quite sure how to get there. They’ve been on the hamster wheel for so long that their calves are burning and they’re worried that the lives they have now are “as good as it gets.”

What they need is an enthusiastic, loving reminder—a spiritual personal trainer to give them the incentive, the permission, and the tools to believe in their own power, show up fully for life, and light up the world. The Full Spirit Workout is designed to be just that with practical lessons, daily practices, exercises, and meditations, along with my own personal stories that illustrate how I have transformed my life and how you can, too. Each step will advance them to the next level of spiritual fitness, and as a result, their lives will naturally transform.

We’ll stretch our comfort zone, lift ourselves up for motivation, feel the burn by letting go of emotional flab, strengthen our new core beliefs, build our emotional muscles, boost our mental metabolism, step up our spiritual stamina, embrace our endorphins, rock the freedom freestyle, and cool down with newfound confidence.

Just like strong physical muscles help us live more effectively, strong spiritual muscles give us the power to navigate our internal and external world. Just like physical fitness involves a strong physical core, spiritual fitness involves developing a strong inner core. And just like consistent reps of exercise get the body fit, it takes consistent reps of the exercises in The Full Spirit Workout to shed the self-doubt that holds us back from achieving what we want.

Spiritual fitness helps us increase our self-confidence and self-love, take better care of ourselves, replace outworn beliefs with new self-affirming beliefs, embrace joy as a way of life, and learn how to trust ourselves and the challenges life brings. That strong inner core gives us the resilience to handle the obstacles and upheavals that we experience, as well as the courage to create the fun and fulfilling life that’s our birthright.

How do I know The Full Spirit Workout works?
Because I’m the proof!


“Kate has taught me so much about confidence, not just in her spoken wisdom, but in the way she walks through the world. She has an amazing way of recognising the real and unique beauty in each of us, and teasing that out so we can lead with our own light. She is a true blessing.”


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