Through my work in front of the camera as a TV personality and model, I learned what it truly means to be confident. (It’s not what you think). The truth is, you already have what it takes. You were born with it. You just need to remember what that feels like.


I believe it is our birthright to be unstoppable. We just have to rediscover what it means to be free—of judgment, fear, doubt—of anything that weighs us down.

I know it can feel scary and overwhelming to put ourselves out there in a big way and actually do what our hearts are urging us to do. We think, “Who am I to start this business?” “What will people say?” “Am I smart, talented, good enough?” and on and on.

But whatever pain we may experience from another’s judgement of us is nothing in comparison to the pain we will undoubtedly feel by playing small.

What does it mean to play small? It means shrinking so others won’t feel insecure around us—it’s allowing fear to keep us from sharing our gifts. But when we dare to write our book, leave the unhealthy relationship, quit a job to start our dream business or whatever it is, we inspire others to do the same.

The real question then becomes: Who are you not to start your own business (or anything else you feel called to do) and show up fully for yourself and others?

Who are you not to be gorgeous, brilliant, wildly successful and joyful?!

Expressing our full potential is not just our right, it’s our responsibility. And it starts with confidence.

Through the consistent practices of self-compassion and meditation, I’ve discovered a few perspective shifts that have transformed my sense of self-worth. I’ve found that when I base my self-worth on who I am and my inherent value as a human being rather than what others think or how much I achieve, my confidence soars and my inner critic quiets.


“Her confidence is extraordinary. She can talk about anything. She tells a great story. She has a larger-than-life presence and a real depth too. You want to be her friend as soon as you meet her. I recorded a podcast with her recently and she was a brilliant guest – intelligent, quick-witted, original.”


“I can’t think of a more grounded, wise, emotionally intelligent and compassionate coach. Kate is a natural magnet; she brings people together, she emanates positivity and is always about supporting others to be their best self.”


“Kate is synonymous with empowerment, with helping others develop the skill set to fully embrace and own their own stories and discover their own superpowers.

Kate encourages you to find strategies and solutions that work for you. She doesn’t fix your problems instead she empowers you to fix your own problems. She facilitates a journey of self-discovery and helps you to discover your inner superhero.

My favorite thing about working with Kate is knowing you have someone on your side that believes in you and empowers you to own your worth. Kate never makes you feel like your emotions or challenges are insignificant. She helps you to develop the confidence to fully embrace your inner self and ultimately to better visualize and appreciate the worth of your individuality.”


“My first conversation with Kate was like getting a good dose of sunshine in the middle of darkness. It was not only the specific words that she offered, but a radiating energy that I could feel even over the phone. Friends who saw me after were surprised that I was beaming, even though they knew the pain I was going through. Ever since, each of my sessions with Kate has felt like an ideal conversation with a best friend, where I experience true generosity and walk away standing stronger in my own power.”


“I cannot say enough GREAT things about Kate Eckman. The lady is a rockstar. When you work with Kate, you will see within the first second that she is very compassionate and truly cares about you and anything going on in your life. She will also be your biggest cheerleader.

I feel so much greatness and have so much to look forward to thanks to her guidance and leadership. The best investment you will ever make is in yourself. I am so glad I did that and connected with Kate. My life will never be the same. Thank You, Kate!”


“I’ve been working with Kate for a few months now. It’s so exciting to make so much progress in such little time with her. She takes time to listen to your needs and coach you through it. She truly cares about your progress and is very personal. The first time we spoke I got off the phone feeling like I had won the grand prize. She has the biggest heart and smarts to go with it. Forever grateful for her coaching gifts.”


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