Just Be It!

Just Be It!

Love. Money. A relationship. Job. Acceptance. Validation. Forgiveness.

Whatever it is your heart is craving, there is one way to attract it into your life.

Are you ready?!

The answer is to BE IT.

If you want love in your life, BE LOVE. Take yourself out on a date, make yourself a delicious home-cooked meal, buy yourself chocolate or fresh flowers, take a bubble bath, light candles. In other words, romance yourself. Treat yourself to a massage, reiki session or trip to your favorite park or museum. Go to the movies, write yourself a love poem, make a cup of green tea, buy yourself that rose-scented facial cream. Whatever makes you feel loved by others, do for yourself, and watch those icky feelings of neediness, desperation and fear dissolve from your life and clear space for more love.

Tip: Some of the most powerful things you can do to love and honor yourself don’t cost one penny.

Forgive yourself. 

You did the best you could at the time. I forgive you.

Accept yourself–“flaws” and all. 

You look beautiful today.

Be your own standard of beauty.

You decide what’s beautiful.

Validate yourself. 

You are good enough.

Be proud of yourself.

Great job today!

Listen to yourself.

You already know the answer. Just listen. Trust.

Let yourself rest and relax.

Learn to be still, and allow yourself time to recharge your batteries.

Tell yourself, “I love you.”

Look in the mirror and say, “I love you.” The old way of beating yourself up is no longer acceptable. It’s a new day. Choose love.

There have been times in my life where I wanted to hear and feel these things so badly from another person. We can’t control anything outside of our own thoughts and behavior, so if you’re desperately craving love, attention, affection and forgiveness, give it to yourself first. It’s also the quickest and easiest way to attract it into your life from others. It’s a simple concept, but takes practice and commitment.

I used to think, “When I get that job/money/relationship/house/ring/apology, and so on, I’ll be happy.”

That mentality translates into: I will never be happy. Yikes!

The trick to having everything you want flow into your life is to BE HAPPY NOW! That is one of my favorite lessons from the late, great Dr. Wayne Dyer. Let me say it again, “Be happy now.” Let that sink it for a second. Be happy now.

Dyer would say, “Act as if…” you already have and are everything your heart desires. That’s the sure-fire shortcut to attract abundance of any kind into your life. Be a magnet for miracles, not a repellant to them.

Having an abundance life is all about being in alignment with the thoughts you think on a consistent basis, energy you put out into the Universe and your actions. Commit to dwelling in a high-vibe, loving, joyful state, and watch the beautiful people and situations you attract. Your daily life will feel more uplifting and fulfilling. It may not be easy to dwell in this higher vibrational state at first, but try to stay committed to wanting to feel your best and live the life of your dreams. It will be well worth the effort, and you will get better and better at returning to your “happy place” quickly in times of stress.

Much peace, love and hugs!


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