My career as a model and beauty host on QVC involves a lot a beauty products, makeup, constant hair maintenance and professional styling to look the part. I am grateful to the talented hair and makeup artists and clothing stylists I am privileged to work with for they transform little old me into a beautiful glamazon.

Selling the Kiss Instawave automatic curling iron on QVC

Selling the Kiss Instawave automatic curling iron on QVC

Looking “beautiful” is part of my job selling clothing, jewelry, accessories and beauty products. Even male models and men who work on television wear makeup. It’s all part of our polished presentation.

I definitely use the mantra, “Look good, feel good,” but what about those days I am not working on camera, and don’t feel like putting on any makeup (hey, my skin needs a break), or even brushing my hair?

Some days I literally do not want to be bothered to do one thing to my appearance.

Our society places so much emphasis on what we look like, especially as women. This creates a very damaging “I’m not good enough” complex, where young girls and women compare themselves to unrealistic beauty standards—photoshopped supermodels and celebrities in magazines.

So you may never look like your favorite celebrity. You may not consider yourself a “perfect 10.” Certainly, there are worse things in life than not being the most physically attractive person in the room. Hey, you could be the biggest jerk in the room!

I’ve been on hundreds of castings and auditions in rooms full of some of the most stunning people from all over the world. I’m not threatened or intimidated by them though because I know I am so much more than what I look like, and have something no one else can offer—I am uniquely me. That’s what makes each of us beautiful.

I think it’s important for each of us to get more acquainted with our inner beauty—the little quirks, qualities and characteristics that make us special.

By taking the time to really see myself in the mirror and in my daily life, I’ve discovered what makes me feel the most beautiful, and it has nothing to do with what I look like.


I love to laugh. I laugh loudly with my entire being. My favorite thing to do in life is make others laugh. Making friends and family, co-workers and even strangers forget about their problems for a minute and just laugh is the greatest gift.

I think anyone with a sense of humor is so sexy.

Doing For Others

I was rushing around New York City recently in the heat and humidity, feeling anything but beautiful as I was sweating on the subway. I feel most uncomfortable when I am hot and dirty, and I was both, despite just showering an hour prior. (If you live in Manhattan, you know what I’m talking about.)

I had promised a friend I would give her one of my new Kiss Instawave automatic curling irons I received working as the company’s spokes person. Getting to her that day was out of my way, and I was exhausted, sweaty, stressed out and starving—never a good combination. When I walked into the lobby of her building, the air conditioning wasn’t working. Now, I was sweating like I was at the gym in nice clothing. I was annoyed.

When my friend made her way down to the lobby about five minutes later, she had the most glorious smile on her face. She was literally glowing, and so happy to see me. She gave me the warmest, most sincere hug. I handed her the gift I brought, and you would think I had just given her a brand new Mercedes Benz convertible. She was so excited, so appreciative, so joyful.

In a matter of seconds, I went from feeling like a grumpy wet dog to the most beautiful woman. Her beauty and joy made me feel beautiful and joyous. Her gratitude for a simple gesture I made, and appreciation of our friendship made me feel so lovely.

I’m finding that when I do little things like volunteer at a local charity, donate clothing to women in need, buy a friend coffee, listen to others without judgment or interrupting while they share something personal with me, call to check in, offer to babysit their children so they can have a night out sans kids, anything that involves others and isn’t all about me makes me feel beautiful.

Get Moving

Whether it’s a slow, gentle walk in nature or intense fat-melting, sweat-dripping, jumping, boxing, weight lifting session at the gym with my trainer, moving my body and busting through any emotional blocks I may be experiencing makes me feel strong, and strength is beautiful.


When I can feel my muscles and my body working hard for me, there is no room for anything but gratitude, and gratitude is beautiful.

When my body shows me I can do an exercise, activity or stretch I didn’t think I could do, I feel the grace of getting better at something, and grace is beautiful.

Pajama Party For One

There is something so divine about having no where to be, and choosing to spend some quiet, quality time alone to check in, recharge, refresh and refocus on what really matters.

For me, this means staying in my pajamas, lighting some candles, firing up my essential oils diffuser, lying down on my meditation mat and listening to some of my favorite guided meditations. This calming ritual is followed by picking a card from my Tarot deck to set an intention for the day. With some tea and lemon water and delicious and nutritious food an arm’s length away, a good book in hand and journal and laptop next to me, I literally could not feel more at home, at peace, and you guessed it—beautiful.

Giving myself this much-needed, well-deserved precious, sacred time, makes me feel like a goddess.

I create the space for me to be who I am truly am.

My life opens up.

I am free to create.

I am present.

This gift of time is the most valuable thing I give myself.

It is priceless beauty.

What makes you feel beautiful?