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How To Keep Boundaries And Not Settle In Our Relationships

When we lead with our values, not how we feel about someone, even when how we feel about someone is very strong, our values will lead us to the right person.


How To Build Strong (Emotional) Muscles, And Feel Peaceful No Matter What

We will always be tempted to over-react in the areas where we are the weakest. These situations shine a light on our own limits to love. It is easy to love people who are loving, but the challenge is to love those who are behaving in unloving ways. They teach us how to love better and stronger. Forgive them. They are growing your character.


How To Let Go Of What Other People Think & Boost Your Self-Confidence

For the majority of my life, I got my self-worth from the outside world—someone else’s approval or validation dictated how I felt about myself. What a set up that is! I’ve learned that when we place our worth outside of ourselves (career, money, material possessions, relationships, appearance), we can never have enough or be enough.


How To Unsubscribe From The Struggle And Find True Contentment

As the new year rang in, and messages like, “Make it happen!” and “Grab the bull by the horns!” bombarded me everywhere I turned, all I felt like doing was taking a nap and quietly reflecting and resting.

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