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4 Life-Changing Benefits To Stretching Your Comfort Zone & How To Do It

In order for any of this to work, we have to decide that our desires, goals, and vision is worth more to us than holding onto outdated belief systems and doing what we've always done in the past. When my purpose became stronger than my fear of trying or putting myself out there, I began to see almost immediate results. I'm certain this can happen for you, too.


The Importance Of Stretching Your Comfort Zone

When was the last time you really wanted to try something new but you hesitated and stuck with what felt comfortable? Key word being stuck. What if everything you’ve ever wanted to experience is just on the other side of comfy? Often times we don’t even realize we are sabotaging our chances at true fulfillment—abundance, joy, lasting success. But if we can allow ourselves to take that first step into the unknown, we will find we are more courageous, bold, capable and resilient than we ever imagined. I’ve discovered that when we take risks and rise to the challenge, we stretch, grow, and expand in ways that catapult us into new levels of excitement—we feel lit up from the inside out and our life reflects that back to us with improved relationships, career opportunities, financial success and freedom. It all starts with our willingness to stretch our comfort zone.


How To Actually “Let It Go” And Feel Empowered And At Peace

Being human means people will annoy and upset us, circumstances and situations will disappoint us, and we will be left feeling powerless at times. The good news is we don’t have to stay stuck. We can lean back into a more joyful, empowered state. We can feel peaceful. We can trust we are on the right path, and everything is happening for us and the greatest good for all. Here are some spiritual practices I regularly use to bring me back to center and feel more joyful:


The Only Relationship Question That Matters

Instead of making a laundry list of traits or characteristics we want in an ideal mate, what if we spent our time and energy figuring out who we want to be in a relationship?

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