About Me

Hi! I’m Kate Eckman, Your Confident Spirit, helping you tap into your own confident spirit!


My Story

Through my own work in front of the camera, I learned what it truly means to be confident. (Psst, it’s not what you think.) The truth is, you already have what it takes. You were born with it. You just need to remember what that feels like.

This is a space for you to experience joy while learning, growing and healing old wounds. I’m always here to greet you like an old friend, and give you no-nonsense advice with a dose of humor. I’ve learned that when we take our lives seriously, we take ourselves a lot less seriously.

This is a judgement-free zone where compassion and self-confidence rule. Speaking of rules, we create our own here—and in our lives. We are our own standard of beauty. We are redefining what it means to be truly connected—to ourselves, to each other, to our purpose, and ultimately—to our world.

My work is filled with honest, authentic, uplifting, soulful lessons and some humor. I don't pretend to have all the answers. I believe we are all in this together, and continue to learn and grow from one another. The mistakes I make along the way are beautiful gifts containing valuable lessons to make me a better and stronger coach and woman.


I believe in warm hugs, the power of prayer and meditation and fresh starts. I believe in honoring my body with positive self talk, trusting I am on the right path and releasing all that no longer serves me. I believe in inhaling clarity, and exhaling self-limiting beliefs. I believe I am worth everything my heart desires, and giving myself just that. I believe I am strong enough to overcome anything that comes my way. I believe in asking for help. I believe in laughing so loud everyone in the room looks over to see what is so funny. I believe in creating the space for people to be their most authentic, vulnerable selves. I believe in smiling for no reason at all. I believe the best is yet to come, and saying ‘thank you’ for all of life’s tough lessons. I believe I can do anything I choose is important enough. I believe in me, and I believe in you. We were born to be spectacular. Let’s do this!


Professional Bio

Kate Eckman is a Columbia University-certified executive coach specializing in performance and mindset coaching for leaders in business and sports. With 20 years of proven leadership experience, Kate’s results-focused approach increases the effectiveness, focus and emotional intelligence of her clients — which, as studies show, leads to an increase in the bottom line.

Kate’s clients often applaud her infectious enthusiasm and strong work ethic — a powerful combination she learned as an Academic All-American swimmer at Penn State University, where she earned her undergraduate degree. She now brings this unique approach to her executive and organizational clients to maximize lasting results.

A dynamic, high-energy and entertaining speaker, Kate has the innate ability to not only capture an audience’s attention—but also their hearts. Kate received her master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and has spent more than a decade working as a broadcaster and television personality. She now brings that high-level presence and professionalism to audiences across the world.

Kate is the author of, The Full Spirit Workout: A 10-Step System to Shed Your Self-Doubt, Strengthen Your Spiritual Core, and Create a Fun & Fulfilling Life, which is a workout for your spirit that will help you get fit on the inside (New World Library, Spring 2021).

I'm committed to being Your Confident Spirit, and helping you tap into your own confident spirit to transform your life. My coaching philosophy is about guiding you to access your spirit of confidence--from the boardroom to the bedroom to the dressing room--anywhere you need a confidence boost. For me, that looks like experiencing more inner peace, joy, love, freedom, and abundance, and the ability to bring that to others as well.